The goal of Vietnam is to become a modern industrialized country by 2020, so accelerating the development of the mechanical engineering (CK) industry is a particularly important task. Mechanics are present in almost all national economic sectors such as industry, agriculture, transportation, information and communication, etc. However, a worrying fact is that this industry is at a poor level. compared to the region and only meets a small portion of domestic demand.

To achieve the goal of becoming a modern industrialized country by 2020, one of the key tasks is to create a breakthrough for the mechanical engineering industry.

According to the General Statistics Office, there are about 3,100 mechanical enterprises (enterprises), with 53,000 production facilities, including nearly 450 state-owned enterprises, 1,250 collective production establishments, 156 enterprises. private businesses, ... The uneven distribution of state-owned enterprises, mainly concentrated in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and Hai Phong. About 50% of CK production facilities specialize in manufacturing and assembling, the rest are mainly repair facilities. The total capital of state-owned securities industry is about 360 - 380 million USD, the total foreign investment capital (FDI) in the mechanical industry is about 2.1 billion USD, of which, more than 50% focus on the field of assembly. assemble cars, motorcycles and other consumer goods.